Feeling of a new father

It was 27th may 2009. My daughter came to the world after many days staying in her mothers body. Normal delivery date was 09th june 2009. Due to some pregnancy decease specially blood high pressure, doctor's strongly recommend to do a cezer operation. We followed doctors recommendation and admitted my wife for that.

It was around 7-30 to 8-00 PM. My wife was entered to the operation theater(OT). I was affraid of that time. Praying to almighty allah for a successful operation. Finally my prayer was accepted by allah.

My daughter came from OT with the help of her anty. (Her anty, my younger sister is a doctor was in ot at that moment.)

My relatives were in Cabin. They saw the little baby and looks happy. Finaly the baby was in my hand. I was so surprised, that moment my brain was hang for little time. I did not think anything. Just looking the baby and interestingly my baby was looking to me. That moment I felt so pleasure and feel I am the happiest person of the world.

I don't know the others how they felt when they became papa. I share this of all my friends.
After finish my essay about my feelings I read and think i did not express anything about my feelings. But believe me I tried my best for drawing a picture about my feelings. Surly I know I failed. Sorry for my failure.