wmv file showing problem in SilverLight

In my project I need to replace flash to silverlight.

I have a wmv file, currently which is working fine with flash player.

But when I replace flash control to silverlight control then this file was not working.
I really surprised. I did not find any clue to solve that problem.

After many times googling I was very much disappointed. But the other
wmv file was working file. So what I did so solve that problem.

I just recreate that wmv file from avi file with the help of
windows media encoder and use that new wmv file to my silverlight media control.

Then everything working fine. Nice experience.
So I share it all of you. Definitely in future It will safe your time.

Good Bye Flash Welcome to Silverlight


Razan said...

You have kicked a nice thing.

aven peter said...

Excellent pieces.
wmv to dvd in mac